Explaining the pricing model behind Dhi NFT Names

2022-03-12 . Written by Dhi NFT

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its cause this is my first project and i wanted to test out the waters. also most Maldivians are not familiar with crypto and NFT so i didn't want to charge such a high price for my work. with the base prices starting at 5$ which is the lowest opensea would allow i see it as a reasonable pricing for Maldivians who want to give NFT's a try.

im completely new to the NFT community in Maldives. and i didnt want to charge too much for the names. it takes time for me to build up a reputation in the community to start charging more. while i do understand the value of my work i also have to be understanding of what people are willing to pay for the work of a new artist who just popped out of nowhere

it first starts with the name. depending on how much demand there will be for the name it can start at $5 and go all the way up to $300

from there any additional customization's such as animation or color design will be factored into the final price. it all comes down to how much demand there is for my work and as demand rises ill have less time to work on custom NFT. so with that the price will rise too. but as of now i try to keep the price as low as possible.

when i started the project i had to come up with an idea for something that would sell regardless of the rest of the items in my project. and the things with names is people value it differently. and there will be multiple people who might want the same name. thus the demand for the names are already there since its first come first serve. next up there is the art. some NFT will increase in value simply from the fact that it was customized as it would add value to the piece.