Dhi NFT RoadMap

2022-03-23 . Written by Dhi NFT

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alot of people asked me about the Dhi NFT roadmap so id like to explain it a bit here.

when it was started i didn't expect it to start making sales so early. the original plan was to mint every name i had with the high demand names being animated. but due to issues with the code i wasn't able to continue minting names everyday. but now that its caught steam it has slightly moved in to a new direction. i will still continue to mint names but high demand names will be prioritized as there seem to be a higher demand for these names.

as for utility the project did not start with utility in mind but i have some cool ideas planed for the future as the framework for the whole project was made with scalability in mind. i cant share these ideas as of now cause i dont want anyone investing in the project just cause i promised something. as of now just view the project as something without utility. when utility is ready i will announce it. if its not ready it wont be announced. i do not want to promise anything unless its ready to be delivered.

anyhow names will be minted over time. right now im a bit busy working on custom orders.

will this project go international? highly doubt. this project was made to test the waters of the Maldivian market. the goal was to test to see if there would be demand for NFT and it seems like there is. so the project will not be abandoned.

as for now i have planned to release multiple other collections collabing with other local artists. so stay tuned for that.